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“Everything in Moderation” Doesn’t Prevent Extremism

“Everything in moderation” (or EIM, for short) is a hegemonic commonplace in 21st century American culture. That means, it is a belief that is so commonly accepted as to be nearly unquestionable. And it’s a serious problem for supporters of democracy in the 21st century. The reasons for the phrase’s popularity are easy to see. … Continue reading “Everything in Moderation” Doesn’t Prevent Extremism


How Shakespeare and His Ilk Are Ruining Kids Today

Mark Bauerlein thinks technology is responsible for making today's youth the "dumbest generation" because social media only gets kids to talk to one another. Although there is some irony (and narcissism) in an grown-up academic arguing in a book to other grown-ups about the blight of kids talking only to one another, I think we … Continue reading How Shakespeare and His Ilk Are Ruining Kids Today