Dear Reader,

No doubt you’ve wandered here accidentally, and I am happy to have you stop by, if only for a minute to browse and scurry. Chances are that you’re looking for something witty and urbane to fill the void in your life left empty by the discontinuation of “The Jack Benny Show.” Given enough time searching here, no doubt you’ll come across something fitting that description (1000 monkeys on 1000 typewriters, and all that), but by and large you’ll find the haplessly and helplessly self-absorbed verbal meanderings of a prose addict. I’m no Jack Benny, I’m afraid.

That said, the content of this blog is likely to be relatively clean, occasionally polemical, and often self-consciously self-conscious. I’m sure to spend some of my musings on writing, graduate school, parenting, marriage, teaching, and politics. If any or all of those fit your needs or wants, I invite you to meander by periodically. Baring some unforeseen causatum befitting a Chicken Little-esque hysteria, I’ll be here.


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