ENGL 259, Tentative Reading List (Revised)

WeekDateTopics, Readings, Assignments, Deadlines
1Aug. 24Introduction to the course / Literacy narrative(s)  

Read: Alexie, Superman and I
Skinnell, Reading as an Act of Insubordination
Sommers, I Stand Here Writing  

Optional: Explore DALN (https://www.thedaln.org/#/home)
2Aug. 31Parameters of the Task at Hand  

Read: Ball and Loewe*
Chapter: “America is Facing a Literacy Crisis” (Babb)
Chapter: “First-Year Composition Prepares Students for Academic Writing” (Branson)
Chapter: “You Can Learn to Write in General” (Wardle)
Chapter: “Some People are Just Born Good Writers” (Parrott)
3Sept. 7Parameters II: Parameter Harder  

Read: Lunsford and Lunsford, Mistakes Are a Fact of Life*
Ball and Loewe*
Chapter: “Strunk and White Set the Standard” (Lisabeth)
Chapter: “There is One Correct Way of Writing and Speaking” (Pattanayak)
Chapter: “Grammar Should be Taught Separately as Rules to Learn” (Harris)
4Sept. 14Looking Back, Looking Forward  

Read: Crowley, The Invention of Freshman English*
Matsuda, Myth of Linguistic Homogeneity*
Ruiz, Introduction to the Field of Composition: Politics from the Start*  

Optional: Rhetoricity podcast, Andrea Lunsford (https://rhetoricity.libsyn.com/rhetoric-she-wrote-andrea-lunsford-on-the-discipline-and-its-histories)
Optional: Parker, Where English Departments Came From*
5Sept. 21Wait, It’s People We’re Teaching?

Read: Royster, When the First Voice You Hear Is Not Your Own*
Bloom, Freshman Composition as a Middle-Class Enterprise*
Rose, Language of Exclusion*  

Optional: Rhetoricity podcast, April Baker-Bell (https://rhetoricity.libsyn.com/demanding-black-linguistic-justice-an-interview-with-april-baker-bell)
6Sept. 28Mhm, Yeah, Definitely People  

Read Cedillo and Bratta, Relating Our Experiences*
Inoue, ch 1 (pp. 21-48) and Coda (pp. 305-312) from Labor-Based Assessment
7Oct. 5Can We Circle Back to This “People” Thing?  

Read: Williams, Phenomenology of Error*
Green, Expanding the Dialogue on Writing Assessment at HBCUs
Hawisher and Selfe, Becoming Literate in the Information Age  

Optional: Hartwell
8Oct. 12Just Checked Again. Definitely Human People  

Read: Young, Should Writers Use They Own English?
Perryman-Clark, African American Language, Rhetoric, and Students’ Writing
Gilyard, Rhetoric of Translingualism
Alvarez, Translanguaging Tareas
9Oct. 19Parameters III: Parameter Again

Read: hooks, Engaged Pedagogy*
Powell, Learning (Teaching) to Teach (Learn)*
Brooke, Underlife and Writing Instruction*  

Optional: Sinister Myth podcast, Sherita Roundtree
Optional: Fedukovich and Morse, Failures to Accommodate: GTA Preparation as a Site for a Transformative Culture of Access
10Oct. 26Process, Now with More People!  

Read: Tate, et al. (pp. 1-19)
Prendergast, Can I Use I?
Kynard, Teaching While Black
Fleckenstein, An Appetite for Coherence  

Optional: Green, Pedagogue podcast https://www.pedagoguepodcast.com/blog/episode-31-david-f-green-jr
11Nov. 2Process II: Keep Peopling!

Read: Brodkey, Making a Federal Case Out of Difference*
Corder, Argument as Emergence, Rhetoric as Love*
Alexander and Rhodes, Queerness, Multimodality, and the Possibilities of Re/Orientation*  

Optional: Mere Rhetoric podcast, Jody Shipka’s Composition Made Whole (https://mererhetoric.libsyn.com/lets-make-composition-whole-shipka)
Optional: Shipka YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2oj-HEG4-DA
12Nov. 9When Peers Talk

Read: Oleksiak, Queer Praxis for Peer Review*
Meeks, Givers Gain Teaching Philosophy*
Meeks, 3 Feedback Design Lessons*
Hart-Davidson, Describe-Evaluate-Suggest (YouTube) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzdBRRQhYv4

Optional: Elbow, Ranking, Evaluating, and Liking
13Nov. 16Hey, Teacher! Probably Shouldn’t Leave Those Peers (Totally) Alone

Read: Ferris and Roberts, Error Feedback in L2 Writing Classes*
Bowden, Student Perspectives on Paper Comments*
Robillard, We Won’t Get Fooled Again*
14Nov. 23Grading  

Read: Inoue, ch 3 & ch 4
Blum, TBD
Stommel, TBD  
Optional: Inoue, ch 6

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