Nazi Science: Coronavirus Edition

Nazi Science: Coronavirus Edition

I decided to try posting this one on Medium. I posted the first few paragraphs below, and the full post can be accessed here:

Noted flim-flam artists and doctors of low repute—including Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil—have recently been trotted out by right-wing media outlets to bemoan Coronavirus social distancing directives as “worse than the disease.”

Likewise, small groups of radical, right-wing extremists—funded by the same astroturf groups that quietly funded the Tea Party protests in 2010 and organized by right-wing extremist groups like those that organized the “Unite the Right” hate parade in Charlottesville in 2017—have exercised their inalienable right to gather in close proximity and whip out their unambiguously-phallic assault rifles, their Confederate flags, and their MAGA hats. Among other things, they’ve called for the jailing (or killing) of Democratic politicians, advocated the firing of the nation’s foremost health experts, and blocked hospital entrances in the name of protesting social distancing.

All the while, right-wing politicians and media personalities have gleefully egged them on with inflammatory tweets, radio programs, and press conferences that undermine the guidance of the country’s top medical experts (in some cases while said experts are standing next to them on the dais).

Reactions from people basically everywhere else on the political spectrum have ranged from anger to astonishment to confusion. . . .

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